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How To Qualify for the EB1 Visa

Overview of EB1 Visa

Welcome to this post, dedicated to discussing employment-based categories for obtaining a US green card. In this article, we’ll focus on the EB1 category, addressing the recent policy clarifications and requirements.

Understanding EB1 Criteria

EB1, or employment-based first preference, is a category that prioritizes individuals for green cards. Previously, the criteria seemed daunting, but on September 12th, 2023, USCIS issued a memo providing clarity on the requirements.

Key Requirements for EB1

There are three main requirements for EB1:

  1. Internationally recognized: Demonstrate international recognition through a significant award or meeting three out of ten specified criteria.
  2. Continued Excellence: Show intention to continue excellence in the field upon entering the US.
  3. Benefit to the US: Demonstrate how your presence benefits the US economically, culturally, or educationally.

Clarifying the Criteria

USCIS has outlined ten criteria, and you need to meet at least three. These include notable awards, membership in professional organizations, and published material.

Examples of Criteria

Let’s delve into specific criteria:

  1. Receiving notable awards: Awards from renowned organizations or institutions, doctoral thesis awards, or recognition in professional societies.
  2. Membership in professional organizations: Join organizations with merit-based eligibility, setting you apart in your field.
  3. Published material: Showcase articles, newspaper features, or transcripts of media appearances discussing your work.

Crafting Your Application

Craft recommendation letters addressing both EB1 and EB2 criteria, saving time and effort. If you need assistance with your petition, consider professional editorial services.


Take advantage of the current lack of backlog in EB1 applications. If you meet the criteria, consider applying and expedite the process using the familiar Form I-140 from anywhere in the world.

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