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From F-1 Visa to
Green Card

Hey there! If you've been dreaming of turning your F-1 visa into a shiny Green Card, we've got some exciting news for you! Say hello to "From F-1 Visa to Green Card: how to petition for a green card under the EB2NIW category," a friendly and helpful DIY guide that's all about making your dreams come true..

What’s inside the book

This eBook contains information that will help highly skilled professionals successfully self-petition for the United States Permanent Residency (green card) without sponsors or the help of a lawyer.

The Path to Success is Just One Click Away

Simplify your path to a U.S. green card with the EB2NIW Toolkit. Overcome the challenges of the EB-2 NIW application process and pursue your dreams confidently. Get your toolkit now.

What others are saying

Here are some success stories from our satisfied users in the community who have benefited from E-book. You can be part of them today if you take the step.

The DIY toolkit was extremely helpful. The documents included are self-explanatory and filled with well- grounded information. It really helped me with drafting my petition, recommendation letters, and filing out the forms. Would 100% recommend


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Dr. Ozi’s EB2NIW toolkit was helpful in drafting my petition for form I-140 which was approved few days ago. I recommend this book for anyone applying for green card through the NIW. The book is worth its weight in gold


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My I-140 petition was approved yesterday 30 June 2022,the eb2-niw kit by Ozi was so helpful – May the good lord bless her Now planning on adjusting status Masters of science 7 recommendation letters


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