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About Me

My name is Dr. Ozi and I am a wife, mom, scientist, and podcaster based out of Nashville TN, USA.

In 2010 I moved to the United States as a graduate student. Upon completion of my degree I decided that I wanted to continue to live and work in the United States to continue my work as a scientist. I soon found that the U.S government already had a route to permanent residency for people like me.


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Client Reviews

"I purchased Dr. Ozi's EB2-NIW toolkit. It literally included EVERYTHING I needed to file for my green card. The filing process can be painstaking, eg.writing a coherent, convincing 30 plus page petition letter. However, Dr. Ozi offers priceless insights which make the process so much easier. If you are planning on applying under the EB2-NIW category, the toolkit is a tremendous asset. I highly recommend Dr. Ozi's services!"

Dr. Campbell Scientist

"Talking with Dr. Ozi helped crystallize my plans. She not only pointed out my strengths but gave me a detailed list from my CV (which she took her time to go through before), and from our discussion. Seeing someone else, who has succeeded in the EB2-NIW process affirm that your are ready helps! It was the push I needed! If I wasn't ready, she was also ready to point out areas that I needed to work on. I totally recommend her guys!."

Mr. Afolabi Biomedical Scientist

(Recommendation Letter Service)
"We are very busy and Dr Ozi helped us with the drafting of a recommendation letter which turned out to be amazing, we are really thankful for it. We will contact her again for the drafting of another letter as we are very pleased with the service. Thank you Dr Ozi, you are very professional, quick and really understand what you are doing. 100% recommended!!!."

Mr. Santiago Finance

Dr. Ozi is so kind and very knowledgeable on the EB2 visa process! Dr. Ozi shared their own journey on obtaining their EB2 and green card and has successfully petitioned candidates from a VARIETY of disciplines, not only MDs & PhDs. I have been on TN Visa for years now and I am so excited to petition for EB2 with Dr. Ozi’s consultative advice and offerings. *Highly recommend you book your consultation.

Moses Social Worker

Before having this consultation call with Dr. Ozi, i was quite skeptical and not quite confident about what the outcome will be like…….i must say, we ended the call on a highly positive note and our discussions indicated i could begin the application process right away…… Thank you for being so down-to-earth and friendly despite been professional…… you deserve a seven-star rating!!

Omoyemi Architect


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