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Let us assist you with resources for your EB2-NIW Application

We offer templates and editorial services to help you with your Employment-Based Second Preference National Interest Waiver (EB2–NIW) green card application.




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How the EB2-NIW Program Works

EB2NIW Eligibility:​

For individuals with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities, the EB2NIW requires proving significant contributions and national importance.​

By-Pass Labor Certification:

Applicants must propose a meritorious and nationally significant endeavor, demonstrate the ability to advance it, and justify a waiver of labor certification in the USA's interest

Application Process:

Submit an EB2NIW petition with supporting evidence to showcase eligibility.

Benefits of EB2NIW:

Successful applicants can obtain a visa without employer sponsorship and enjoy more flexibility in their employment options.

Our Process

Navigating the EB1 and EB2-NIW application process can be daunting, but we’ve got you covered! Dive into our seamless 4-step editorial service designed to elevate your journey:

Ready to refine your endeavor? Let’s schedule a session to discuss and streamline your project’s focus.

Show the world your Exceptional Abilities! Engage with our services and present your unique talents.

Receive personalized editorial guidance, ensuring your application shines brightly among the rest.

With our expert help, confidently submit your application and step closer to your goals.

Get your free Ebook

This free eBook offers a comprehensive introduction to the EB2NIW application process. It provides essential information on eligibility criteria, required documentation, and strategies to strengthen one’s case.

The eBook aims to help skilled professionals, researchers, and academics navigate the complexities of securing an EB2 National Interest Waiver successfully. By demonstrating exceptional abilities and proving work’s national interest, applicants can increase their chances of obtaining opportunities in the United States.

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EB2-NIW Consultation Service

EB2NIW Consultation Service


EB2-NIW D0-It -Yourself (DIY) Toolkit



Petition Letter Service

EB2NIW Express Bundle Service

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Don’t take our word for it

I purchased Dr. Ozi’s EB2-NIW toolkit. It literally included EVERYTHING I needed to file for my green card. The filing process can be painstaking, e.g., writing a coherent, convincing 30-plus page petition letter. However, Dr. Ozi offers priceless insights that make the process so much easier. If you are planning on applying under the EB2-NIW category, the toolkit is a tremendous asset. I highly recommend Dr. Ozi’s services!

P. Campbell

PhD Pharmacology

Talking with Dr. Ozi helped crystallize my plans. She not only pointed out my strengths but gave me a detailed list from my CV (which she took her time to go through before), and from our discussion. Seeing someone else, who has succeeded in the EB2-NIW process affirms that you are ready to help! It was the push I needed! If I wasn’t ready, she was also ready to point out areas that I needed to work on. I totally recommend her, guys!

Veterinarian/Biomedical Scientist

Veterinarian/Biomedical Scientist

Dr. Ozi’s kit gave me direction on how to begin, continue, and submit my application. It seemed like a herculean task when I started, but with her careful explanations, I have made significant progress toward my applications. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

Lois O

Purchased the EB2-NIW Do-It-Yourself Toolkit.
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