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Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record


Welcome to this guide on the medical examination process required for green card applications under the EB-2 NIW category. We’ll delve into Form I-693, which is an essential component of the procedure.

Why is the Medical Examination Necessary?

Before you’re granted a green card, you must undergo specific medical checks to ensure you don’t have infectious diseases that could make you inadmissible to the United States. This process aids in protecting the health and safety of US citizens by ensuring that applicants don’t bring in diseases that could pose public health concerns.

Using Form I-693

Form I-693, titled “Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record,” is the official document that gathers evidence of your medical examination and vaccination history. Only doctors designated by the USCIS are authorized to conduct these examinations and fill out this form. When scheduling an appointment, it’s advisable to:

  • Find a nearby USCIS-designated doctor.
  • Carry essential documents like passport photographs and medical insurance cards.
  • Bring along any previous vaccination records.

You’ll undergo a series of tests, including blood tests, during your appointment. After a few days, you’ll revisit the doctor’s office to discuss the results. Once complete, the doctor signs, seals, and hands over the form, which should remain sealed when submitted to the USCIS.

Key Checks Conducted

The medical examination primarily checks for:

  • Infectious diseases: These include syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, and leprosy, among others.
  • Vaccination records: The doctor will review your history for vaccinations like MMR, whooping cough, hepatitis, and influenza.
  • Mental health and evidence of drug abuse.

Submission Timeline

It’s crucial to undergo the medical examination close to your green card application submission. You must submit Form I-693 to the USCIS within 60 days of the doctor’s signature. The form remains valid for a year after submission.


Obtaining a green card involves various steps, with the medical check being a significant part. By understanding the process and the importance of Form I-693, you can ensure a smoother journey toward becoming a permanent US resident.

If you’re seeking further guidance on the green card application process, consider downloading our free ebook in the description. And, as always, feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

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