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Checklist for EB-2 NIW Green Card Application


Welcome to this guide on the EB-2 NIW Green Card Application. Whether you’re new to this topic or looking to understand the process better, we’ll walk you through a detailed checklist to make your application process smoother.

Understanding EB-2 NIW

The EB-2 NIW (Employment-Based Second Preference National Interest Waiver) is a unique green card category. The primary aim of this category is to facilitate individuals with exceptional abilities in their respective fields to obtain a green card, especially if they’re deemed beneficial for the national interest of the United States.

Steps to Apply

  1. Check Your Eligibility: Before starting the application process, visit the USCIS website to determine if you meet the EB-2 NIW eligibility criteria. This step is crucial as it prevents you from investing time in a category that may not apply to your situation.
  2. Proof of Advanced Degree: Applicants must provide evidence of their advanced degree. An advanced degree is considered a bachelor’s degree with an additional five years of progressive work experience. Ensure your documents are translated and certified if they are not in English.
  3. Demonstrate Exceptional Ability: The USCIS website lists six criteria for ‘exceptional ability.’ Applicants are required to meet at least three of these:
    • Proof of an advanced degree or unique expertise in your field.
    • Recommendation letters from past and current employers demonstrating at least ten years of experience.
    • Evidence of a competitive salary commensurate with your exceptional ability.
    • Relevant licenses or certifications in your field.
    • Achievements or awards recognizing your contributions or expertise.
    • Membership in professional organizations based on your achievements.
  4. Compile Evidence and Documents: Once you’ve identified the criteria you meet, start gathering relevant documents and evidence. Getting recommendation letters from your network during this phase is also recommended.
  5. Write a Petition Letter: This letter should systematically address every EB-2 NIW green card requirement. For each criterion, explain how you meet or exceed the stipulated requirement.
  6. Fill Out Form I-140: This is the primary form for the EB-2 NIW application. Always download the latest version from the USCIS website to ensure your application isn’t returned due to outdated forms. Some applicants also concurrently fill out the form i-485 (Adjustment of Status form).
  7. Submit Your Application: Once all documents are ready, mail them to the correct USCIS address as specified on their website.

Additional Resources

To further assist you, a free ebook provides detailed information on the eligibility requirements and the general steps for the green card application. You can find the link to this ebook in the description below.


Applying for a green card might seem daunting, but it’s achievable with the proper guidance and a systematic approach. Stay tuned for more content on completing the forms and other related topics. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below. Best of luck with your application!

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