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Form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status (EB-2 NIW)


This article will delve into the EB-2 green card application process, the timeline, and additional forms to consider.

My Journey with the Form I-140

In a previous article, I detailed my experience with Form I-140, the initial step in petitioning for a green card. Once approved, after about five months and a $700 fee, I proceeded to the next phase.

Filing the Form I-485: Adjustment of Status

This form is pivotal for adjusting your current status to that of a permanent resident or obtaining a green card. When I applied, the fee amounted to $1,225, including a biometric fee. If applying with family members, each person has to file their own I-485 and pay the requisite fee. In our case, both my husband and I had to pay and file separately. However, only the primary petitioner files the I-140.

Additional Forms to Consider

Along with the I-485, we submitted several other forms:

  • I-765: Application for Employment Authorization. This ensured I had the necessary permissions to work while waiting for my green card.
  • I-131: Application for Travel Document. Given our love for travel, this was crucial for us, ensuring we could leave and return to the U.S. without issues during the green card processing period.
  • I-693: Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record. A vital step in the green card application process is checking for potential infectious diseases. More on this in the next session.

It’s essential to note that fees can change, and using the most recent version of any form is crucial. A mistake I made was using an outdated form, leading to unnecessary delays. Always refer to the USCIS website for the latest details.

What’s on the Form I-485?

The form inquires about various aspects of your life, from residency and employment history to travel records and even past marital statuses. There are also numerous yes-or-no questions determining eligibility and potential inadmissibility.

Our Timeline and Experience

We submitted our applications in November 2018. By June 2019, we received our employment and travel documents. A face-to-face interview with a USCIS officer, now a standard procedure, took place in August. By November, we held our green cards in our hands, making the entire process span one year from the I-485 submission.

Should You Concurrently File I-140 and I-485?

Concurrently, filing can expedite the process. However, if the I-140 gets denied, it complicates the I-485 processing. Financial considerations are also crucial, as fees for both forms and medical checks can accumulate. Ultimately, evaluate what’s best for your situation.

Final Thoughts and Resources

To aid your green card application journey, I’ve compiled an eBook detailing each step and valuable tips. Grab your free copy from the link in the description. Should you have any queries, drop them in the comments. Stay tuned for our upcoming session’s insights on the medical examination and vaccination records.

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