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10 Common Mistakes in EB-2 NIW Green Card Application

Using the Wrong Form

When applying for a green card under the EB-2 NIW category, the first mistake to avoid is using the wrong form. Always use the most recent version of the form on the USGS website. An outdated form will be returned even if all the information is correct.

Not Signing the Form

After using the appropriate form, ensure that you sign it. If you don’t sign it, it will be returned to you.

Incomplete Form

Make sure you fill out all the sections of the form you need to complete. An incomplete form will likely be returned, and you don’t want that.

Insufficient Supporting Evidence

To support your case, submit the appropriate evidence. Include supporting evidence, such as a copy of your transcript or degree certificate, to demonstrate that you are exceptional and that it is beneficial for the United States to keep you in the country.

Not Qualified for EB-2 NIW

The EB-2 NIW category is not for everyone. Ensure that you meet the qualification requirements before starting the application process. Self-petitioners should ensure they have an advanced degree, have won awards or grants, and have been recognized in their field.

Not Including the Right Amount

When applying for the EB-2 NIW category, ensure you send in the correct amount. Double-check the right amount to attach to the I-140 form.

Not Meeting the Deadlines

Not meeting the deadlines for filing can be detrimental to your application. Always double-check the deadlines and submit your application on time.

Not Providing a Comprehensive Personal Statement

A comprehensive personal statement that includes details about your exceptional abilities, achievements, and how you can contribute to the United States is essential. Do not overlook this part of the application process.

Not Hiring a Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer who specializes in immigration law can make the process smoother and faster. They can help you avoid mistakes that could hurt your application and help you present the best possible case.

Not Keeping a Copy of Your Application

Keep a copy of your application for your records. It will come in handy if you need to refer to it in the future.

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