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All About EB-2 NIW Recommendation Letters


In this article, we will discuss EB-2 NIW recommendation letters. If you want to apply for your green card through the EB-2 NIW category, you need to meet three main requirements: you must have an advanced degree, show that you are exceptional, and prove that you meet the criteria for the national interest waiver.

Importance of EB-2 NIW Recommendation Letters

One way to show that you are exceptional and meet the requirements for the national interest waiver is to use recommendation letters. Although it is possible to get approval without them, it is strongly recommended to submit recommendation letters, as they are a great way to show that you are qualified.

USCIS officers are not experts in your field, so recommendation letters prove you are qualified.

How Many EB-2 NIW Recommendation Letters Do You Need?

We recommend submitting between five and ten recommendation letters. You do not want to go overboard with your letters, but you want to present evidence that shows you are qualified. Recommendation letters are one of several ways to show you are qualified.

Who Should Write Your EB-2 NIW Recommendation Letters?

You want to seek independent and high-ranking experts in your field to write these letters for you. While you are doing that, do not get too many letters from people within your current circle.

You want to get a letter from someone you work with, but it is better to get letters from people outside your circle. Your recommender should be an expert in your field.

Where Should You Look for EB-2 NIW Recommendation Letters?

We suggest three places to look for recommendation letters. The first place is your current employer, supervisor, or team leader. The second place is collaborators. If you have been on a group project with others, you want to look for the top-ranking person in that group and get a letter from them.

The third place is what we consider to be think tanks, such as universities, research institutes, or any organization with constantly innovative people and creating ideas.


Recommendation letters are an essential part of the EB-2 NIW green card application. They provide evidence that you are qualified and meet the requirements for the national interest waiver. Ensure you follow the guidelines and submit five to ten recommendation letters from independent and high-ranking experts in your field.

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