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EB-2 NIW Petition Letter Review

(9 customer reviews)


Elevate your EB-2 NIW petition with our expert EB-2 NIW Petition Letter Review service. Our seasoned professionals will meticulously refine your letter, ensuring it meets USCIS standards and highlights your qualifications and the national interest impact of your work.

Maximize your approval chances with our precision and expertise. Invest in your future success today!

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Unlock the secrets to a successful EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) petition with our comprehensive EB-2 NIW Petition Letter Review service. Our expert team of immigration professionals will meticulously analyze and refine your petition letter, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with USCIS standards and maximizes your chances of approval.

From language precision to persuasive content, we’ll fine-tune every element to showcase your qualifications, achievements, and the national interest impact of your work. Trust us to elevate your petition letter to its highest potential, paving the way for a smooth and successful EB-2 NIW application process.

Invest in your future today with our unparalleled expertise in immigration document optimization.

9 reviews for EB-2 NIW Petition Letter Review

  1. Shauna-K

    She reviewed my petition letter and provided me with very useful tips to ensure that it fulfilled the 3 prong criteria. I was nervous but she told me I did a great job on my first try and I just need to ‘clean it up’ now to make it perfect. I can’t wait to submit!!

  2. Juan Carlos Larez (verified owner)

    Dra. Ozi made a review of my petition letter and she did an amazing job, I was nervous about how will be the review, but she review carefully each sentence and each paragraph of my petition letter, giving excellent recommendations. If you want to make your application THIS IS THE WAY. Trust me!! Thanks a lot Dra. Ozi

  3. Abimbola A

    Thanks to Dr Ozi, it was a pleasure working with her, she is highly professional writing my petition letter, I am very satisfied with her service from case evaluation to detail guidance during my application, she is quick to response to all questions.
    I highly recommend Dr Oz

  4. Abimbola A

    Dr OZi is a very amazing person, she is very knowledgeable about the NIW petition letter and the drafting of recommendation letters , she was always available to answer all questions if you needed any clarification, she simply went beyond and above in each step in the petition letter, I was in the best possible hand and I therefore recommend Dr Ozi for your petition letter

  5. Amshe

    I booked a consultation with Dr.Ozi because I received a request for more evidence(RFE) from USCIS on my EB2 NIW application. I was unsure of what to do as I thought my petition letter spoke to all the NIW requirements. Upon review, Dr.Ozi noted so many things that I had missed to include and ideas on how to answer the RFE including details that I needed to include. She reviewed my updated letter and I submitted it. 3 months later, I received the great news that my application has been approved! Book Dr.Ozi’s services!! You will be glad you did. She was prompt to respond and went above and beyond in reviewing my letter. She is outstanding at what she does!!!

  6. John Idoko

    My fiancée assisted in scheduling a visit with Dr. Ozi after I received an RFE from USCIS regarding my EB2 NIW application. I didn’t know what to do because I believed my petition letter covered every NIW requirement. Dr. Ozi reviewed my response and pointed out numerous information that I had neglected to give as well as suggestions for how I may have answered the RFE. I’m happy to report that I just learned that my application was accepted! Hire Dr. Ozi today! You’ll be happy that you did.
    I would have contacted her sooner if I had known from the beginning.

  7. Rarosue Jennifer Amaraibi (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the EB2 Do it Yourself Toolkit and EB2NIW Petition Letter Review Service from Dr. Ozi, and I must say I am thoroughly satisfied with both products. The toolkit provided me with an excellent guide for writing my own petition letter, and I found the information provided to be comprehensive and easy to follow.

    Furthermore, Dr. Ozi’s Petition Letter Review Service was extremely helpful in ensuring my petition letter was of a professional standard. Dr. Ozi provided detailed feedback and editing, which allowed me to make the necessary revisions and improvements to my letter. I appreciated the attention to detail and thoroughness of the review process.

    Overall, I highly recommend both the EB2 Do it Yourself Toolkit and EB2NIW Petition Letter Review Service from Dr. Ozi to anyone who is seeking to navigate the complicated process of preparing an EB2NIW petition letter. Thank you, Dr. Ozi, for your assistance and expertise.

  8. Abdul (verified owner)

    Dr. Ozi reviewed my rfe response letter and helped to simplify it to get the point across. She provided me with very useful tips to ensure the petition fulfilled the necessary requirements. Petition got approved after resubmission. Would recommend!

  9. RA (verified owner)

    Dr Ozi reviewed my petition letter. Before her review, the petition letter was a 30 page document which had all the points I thought it should, but was grossly lacking in cohesion and continuity.
    After the review by Dr Ozi, my petition was whittled down to a 26 page document that was clear, concise, cohesive and very reader friendly. Dr Ozi provided recommendations, corrections and guidance and was willing to go over the documents multiple times just to be sure that it was in the right place.
    Dr Ozi is pleasant, thoughtful and emotionally intelligent.
    It’s very rare to find a combinations of excellence and dedication to client satisfaction that I observed in Dr Ozi.
    Thanks to her, my application was approved within 2 weeks.
    I will recommend Dr Ozi over and over again

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