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EB-2 NIW Petition Letter Express Service

(11 customer reviews)


The key to a successful application is a strong petition letter. A petition letter is a powerful tool written by a petitioner to the USCIS to present reasons why he/she should be granted permanent residency. To assist individuals who wish to have us draft their petition letters, we offer a mandatory Consultation step.

Please note that the Consultation step is separate from the price of the Petition Letter Express Service. With our Petition Letter Express Service package, we provide comprehensive assistance in drafting your entire EB2NIW Petition letter, ensuring that it meets the requirements of the National Interest Waiver.

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Unlock Your Path to the U.S. with Our EB-2 NIW Petition Letter Express Service! Streamline your immigration journey with our expertly crafted EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) petition letters. Our seasoned professionals understand the intricacies of the EB-2 NIW process and are committed to delivering top-notch, personalized petition letters that showcase your qualifications and contributions.

Save time and ensure success with our efficient and reliable express service. Trust us to articulate your unique skills and achievements, enhancing your chances of approval. Secure your future in the United States with our EB-2 NIW Petition Letter Express Service – where expertise meets expedited excellence!

Once the letter is written, we will schedule a 1-hour Zoom call session to discuss the details with you. In addition, we can also draft up to 6 drafts for EB2-NIW Recommendation Letters to support your petition. To further aid you in the application process, we offer the following complimentary benefits:

  • Free video footage on how to organize your documents for submission
  • Free list of all documents required for EB2NIW submission

Please note that this package does not cover the filing fees of any USCIS forms.

11 reviews for EB-2 NIW Petition Letter Express Service

  1. Chinwendu Ibe

    My experience with Dr Ozi was an amazing one. She was so patient and responded to all my questions.
    She was very professional and a joy to work with.

  2. Chinwe Iwu

    I reached out to Dr. Ozi regarding NIW EB2 and she had so much knowledge regarding the process. She helped me prepare my recommendation letters and petition letter in a timely manner, after our discussion on what area my application would fall under based on my professional background. I must say that the content of these letters amazed me. Her research and writing skills are top notch. I will come back for another review after my approval is received.

  3. Tobechukwu Okobi

    I hope you are doing fine. I wanted to let you know my I-140 was approved. I am very grateful to you for your support through the process and for encouraging me to proceed. I will receive the approval notice in the coming weeks and you have no idea how excited I am.
    Keep doing what you do the way you know best and God bless you.

  4. Yusuf

    Dr. Ozi provided great and very professional customer service. She delivered a detailed and adequate petition letter within the 1-month turnaround time and was very responsive to every question I had. She is very good at what she does!

  5. Abimbola A

    Working with Dr Ozi was a best choice, she wrote a well detailed petition letter for me and she is very knowledgeable about the whole application process, and she listen carefully and always available to answer your questions during the process, she is responsive, Detailed, polite, understanding and accommodating and she is very resourceful and would give anyone the best
    I highly recommend Dr Ozi

  6. TemiTope

    Dr ozi , Guided me through the whole process , wrote FANTASTIC petition letter, she is highly professional, I highly recommend Dr Ozi for your NIW petition

  7. Segun Oyedele

    First, Dr Ozi is very likable and understanding. She’s very professional and explains everything to you to the last details and she’ll guide you through the entire process. She wrote a beautiful and extensive petition and recommendation letters, walks me through filing the application forms multiple times, guided me on the packaging and arranging the documents and everything. My application process was very very very smooth and I’ll recommend this service for anybody at anytime! I’ll vouch for this at any time because beyond the service rendered and price point, the experience and customer service was top-notch!

  8. Emmanuel

    It was a bumpy start and a bit back and forth with Dr. Ozi’s interns which wasted sometime. I did escalate with Dr. Ozi and she swiftly jumped on and saved the day. The quality of work was great, the communication was awesome. If I had to do this all over again, I’d still do it this way with Dr. Ozi. She shows care and concern and connects at a level to support her clients.

  9. Wale

    Nice project execution by Dr. Ozi.
    I got the express petition letter service. Few bumps along the road as we created the petition.

    She also wrote the change of status petitions.

    Overall 100% on quality of service and delivery

  10. Crystal

    Dr Ozi is amazing. Her attention to detail is unmatched. I admire her ability to listen to your story, review your CV and pull out each bit of evidence we could use to support the petition. She’s patient, supportive and one of the best in the game. My petition was approved and I’m so grateful for her believing in me and ensuring that I get this done, after 3 years of doubt and procrastination. I’ll continue to sing her praises.

  11. MS

    In early 2022, I sought consultation from two lawyers and Dr. Ozi regarding the evaluation of my EB2NIW profile. Out of everyone, Dr. Ozi was the only one who provided me with a clear understanding of my current position and where I needed to be. She was honest about my readiness for my application and advised me to not only apply, but to ensure that I was fully prepared. She pointed out my strengths and areas of improvement. A few months later, I updated her on my progress and she confirmed that I was now ready to submit my application.

    I decided to utilize the Petition Letter Service Bundle, which included having Dr. Ozi and her team draft my petition letter and letters of recommendation. I knew I had made the right choice because my petition was recently approved.

    I am extremely grateful to have found Dr. Ozi and her team. They have played a significant role in helping me achieve my goals and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

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