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EB-2 NIW Tool-Kit

(11 customer reviews)


Introducing the EB-2 NIW Tool-Kit: Your all-in-one solution for a seamless National Interest Waiver application process. Navigate the complexities of the EB-2 category with confidence using our expertly designed toolkit.

Packed with templates, sample documents, and step-by-step guidance, this toolkit is the key to a successful immigration journey. Don’t just apply, stand out. Invest in your future with the EB-2 NIW Tool-Kit today.

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Explore the ultimate EB-2 NIW Tool-Kit designed to streamline and simplify your National Interest Waiver (NIW) application process. Our comprehensive toolkit empowers professionals, researchers, and individuals seeking permanent residency in the U.S. under the EB-2 category. Navigate the intricate NIW requirements with ease using our expertly crafted templates, sample documents, and step-by-step guidance.

Maximize your chances of success with a meticulously curated resource that ensures your petition stands out. Invest in your immigration journey with the EB-2 NIW Tool-Kit and take a decisive step towards achieving your American dream.

This eBook contains information that will help highly skilled professionals successfully self-petition for the United States Permanent Residency (green card) through the Employment-Based Second Preference National Interest Waiver (EB-2 NIW) category without sponsors or the help of a lawyer.

Included in this package are the following

  • EB2-NIW Requirements
  • Steps to Green Card
  • How to Organize Application
  • Petitioner Credentials
  • Timeline of Application
  • I-485 Interview
  • Cost of Application
  • Traveling on Advance Parole
  • I-693 Medical Examination
  • Sample Cover Letters
  • Sample Petition Letter
  • List of ALL Documents
  • Sample Recommendation Letters
  • Sample emails to ask and followup on recommendation Letters
  • How to Track the EB-2 NIW Application
  • How to pay for the EB-2 NIW application.
  • PRE-FILLED SAMPLE FORMS (Form I-131, I-765, I-140)
  • Over 100 Microsoft Word templates

NOTE: With this purchase, You will only receive the Deluxe ebook with this option and no consultation call.

11 reviews for EB-2 NIW Tool-Kit

  1. Damilola

    Thanks for this awesome piece you put together! I purchased it after your last talk session and it has made the work really easy. I am drafting my petition letter now. Also, I used the request for recommendation template to engage independent recommenders and they gave positive responses.

  2. Femi

    Very helpful product. I highly recommend if you are not financially buoyant enough to use a lawyer. The template and guidance this product offer will make your task relatively easy.

  3. Daniel

    I stumbled on the NIW Visa Program last year and was interested but I couldn’t afford the lawyer fees to petition even though some offered payment plans.

    After so much trial and error, I struggled to put the pieces together by watching all the videos on YouTube, reading so many books on Amazon Kindle, etc

    Dr. Ozi’s NIW Kit solved my nightmares by giving the perfect guide to structure my recommendation letters and petition so I am now confident to file myself.

    To top it up, I’ll be going for the Consultation package as well to help iron out any grey areas.

    You can’t go wrong with her products.

  4. Juan Carlos Larez (verified owner)

    Very helpful guide. You cant go wrong with this amazing tool!! Go to make your application by yourself with no doubt i will recommend for everybody who wants to save lot of money

  5. James

    Hello my I-140 approved yesterday June 30,2021
    PD Nov 30,2021
    Thank you for the help
    I used no lawyer
    Self- petitioned
    7 recommendation letters

  6. James

    Sorry i meant 2022,now planning on adjusting status- the kit by Ozi was so nice 👍

  7. James

    My I-140 petition was approved yesterday 30 June 2022,the eb2-niw kit by Ozi was so helpful – May the good lord bless her
    Now planning on adjusting status

  8. James

    My I-140 petition was approved yesterday 30 June 2022,the eb2-niw kit by Ozi was so helpful – May the good lord bless her
    Now planning on adjusting status
    Masters of science
    7 recommendation letters

  9. Bunmi (verified owner)

    Dr Ozi’s E-book was very helpful when I was drafting my EB2-NIW petition and filling out the required forms. During the consultation call, she was also very pleasant and honest regarding the EB2-NIW requirements and process.

  10. Kolawole

    Dr. Ozi’s EB2NIW toolkit was helpful in drafting my petition for form I-140 which was approved few days ago. I recommend this book for anyone applying for green card through the NIW. The book is worth its weight in gold..

  11. Latifat

    The DIY toolkit was extremely helpful. The documents included are self-explanatory and filled with well- grounded information. It really helped me with drafting my petition, recommendation letters, and filing out the forms.

    Would 100% recommend

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