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EB-2 NIW Cheat Sheet (All Forms Required)


When applying for a green card under the EB2 and IW category, there are many required documents to prepare. In this article, we will break it down and give you an EB-2 NIW cheat sheet with all the forms required to successfully apply for a green card.

The List of Forms

Here is a list of all the forms you need to turn in to apply for your green card under the EB2 and IW category:

  1. Form I-140: This is a petition for an alien worker. You need to write a petition letter and attach all the evidence to show that you qualify for this category.
  2. Form I-485: This is an application for adjustment of status, which is used if you’re adjusting status from a non-immigrant status to a green card.
  3. Form I-693: This is your medical check and vaccination record. USCIS requires you to screen for specific infectious diseases and to put that information on this form.
  4. Form I-765: This is an application for employment authorization. It is optional, but we recommend including it because it’s free to apply, and may take several months for USCIS to reach a decision.
  5. Form I-131: This is an application for a travel document or advanced parole. We advise you to apply for this if you need to travel out of the US while your application is pending.


We hope this EB-2 NIW cheat sheet helps you understand the different forms required to successfully apply for your green card under the EB2 and IW category. Remember to check with USCIS for any updates or changes in the requirements. Good luck with your EB-2 NIW application!

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