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EB-2 NIW Application: Compulsory Sections of Form ETA-9089

Are you on the EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) path to your green card? You’ve likely heard the good news: the full labor certification (ETA 9089) can be waived. But wait! There’s a twist.

While the entire labor certification isn’t required for EB-2 NIW, specific parts of the ETA 9089 form and its appendix still play a crucial role in your application. Let’s break it down and ensure your journey runs smoothly.

Essential Documents for Your EB-2 NIW Application

ETA 9089: The Foundation

Even though the full labor certification isn’t needed, you’ll still need the core ETA 9089 form. Think of it as the foundation for your application. It outlines the job offer details and your qualifications

ETA 9089 Appendix A: Don’t Miss This Add-On!

Appendix A of the ETA 9089 form focuses specifically on the foreign worker – you! It captures your education, experience, and other relevant details that showcase why you’re a unique talent for the job. Don’t forget to include this along with the main form.

Complete the Final Picture: Signed and Submitted ETA Final Determination

The final piece of the puzzle is the ETA Final Determination. Don’t forget to sign and submit page 2 fully executed!

Pro Tip: You can find all these forms for free on the U.S. Department of Labor website:

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