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MYEB2NIW clio For Clients Portal



Using Clio for Clients Portal

Welcome to MY2B2NIW LLC! We've made it easy for you to access and use the Clio for Clients portal to communicate securely and efficiently with us for your Green Card application via the EB-2 NIW method.

Download Clio Mobile App

Step 1:
Initial Portal Invitation Email

We encourage all of our clients to use their Clio for Clients secure client portal for seamless communication. This portal allows you to:
• Communicate with us about your matter.
• Receive and share sensitive or confidential legal documents.
• View your bills.

Step 2:
Clio for Clients Portal Access

Step 2: Clio for Clients Portal Access
You won’t need to set up a username and password. Instead, you’ll use your email address to obtain one-time secure login links whenever you want to access your account.
• To access your portal, visit

Obtaining a One-Time Login Link
• Enter your email address.
• Click “Continue.”

Step 3:
Check Your E-mail

• Check your email for the requested portal invitation link.
• Click “Sign in to secure portal

Step 4:
Share Documents

• Click the “Documents” menu to view and download shared documents.
• You can also upload and send your documents to us.

Step 5:
View Bills

  • Click the “Bills” menu to view your bills

Step 6:
Need More Help

If you need further assistance, you can access the Help section:
• Using the hamburger menu in the top right corner, select “Help” from the menu.

Step 7:
Use Clio On The Go

• Mobile Management: Stay connected, manage your Green Card process from your mobile.
• Instant Updates: Receive real-time case notifications, ensuring you’re always informed.
• Effortless Document Handling: Snap, scan, and upload essential documents directly from your mobile device.
• Swift Messaging: Communicate seamlessly with your MYEB2NIW team through the app.
• Secure Communication: Trust high-level security standards, ensuring confidentiality of messages and documents.
• Seamless Device Integration: Switch effortlessly between your computer and mobile device.

Watch The Video Tutorial

That’s it! You’re now ready to make the most of Clio for Clients and enhance your communication and document-sharing experience with MY2B2NIW LLC.