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We are over the moon to celebrate a significant triumph in the Public Health realm for a distinguished client of ours. The journey to I-140 application approval, following a meticulous response to an RFE, is a tale of perseverance and excellence. 

We crafted a compelling response to the RFE from USCIS for our client, showcasing her expertise as a Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) professional. Her journey is adorned with a rich educational tapestry – a Master’s in Public Health, a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry, and a professional saga marked by impactful roles. 

Her I-140 application painted a vision for a healthier future, aiming to mitigate environmental risks associated with breast cancer. The dossier was fortified with recommendation letters, scholarly articles, and a profile rich in certifications, academic projects, accolades, volunteerism, and professional affiliations.

📅 Milestone Moments [Filed Concurrently]:
– Priority Date: November 28, 2022
– RFE Issued: May 18, 2023
– RFE Resolution Deadline: August 14, 2023
– I-140 Approval Day: February 27, 2024

Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement, a beacon of hope and dedication in the Public Health sector. Here’s to making a difference, one approval at a time! 🌟✨

Processing Type Premium Processing
Priority Date November 28, 2022
I-140 Approved February 27, 2024
Immigration Status F-1 OPT
Degrees BSc in Biochemistry & MPH
Proposed Endeavour To advocate for measures that reduce or eliminate environmental risks and chemical exposures associated with breast cancer
Work Experience Years of experience in the Public Health field
Certifications 4 Certifications
Achievement Her profile boasted
🔸2 academic projects
🔸3 honors
🔸Significant volunteer work
🔸Membership in prestigious societies

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