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He had applied using a lawyer but had a gut feeling that he was going to get an RFE, so he scheduled a consultation with us. We read his initial petition and shared his view on the RFE.

Sure enough, he received an RFE We assisted with the RFE response and he got approved!!!!

The RFE was on 2 prongs of the National Interest waiver requirements
1. Whether the foreign national is well positioned to advance the proposed endeavor
2. Whether on balance it is beneficial to the USA to waive the requirement if a job offer adds thus the labor certification

Reviews After he received an RFE, he purchased our express petition letter service.

We responded by going into further details about the application of his expertise to the national interest of the USA, showing that he was very qualified to advance the proposed endeavor and soliciting additional recommendation letters from independent recommenders.

Processing TypePremium Processing
August 17, 2022 August 17 2022
RFE response received by USCISNovember 17, 2022
I-140 ApprovedDecember 15th 2022
Immigration StatusF-1
DegreesBachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Master of Science (M.Sc.) Information Systems, Data Communication, currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Information Technology
Proposed EndeavourThe application of his knowledge, technical and security skills as a Cyber Security Professional with expertise in Identity Access Management (IAM) to assist organizations in the USA in managing digital identity and user access to sensitive data, systems, and resources.
Work Experience (Last 5 years): Lead Identity Access Management Engineer, Cybersecurity-Identity and Access Management Architecture and Design Product Owner, Assistant Network and Systems Administrator
Recommendation Letters5 recommendation letters
ArticlesArticles Supporting the need for his proposed endeavor
Achievement🔸 Member of 3 professional societies
🔸 Scholarships: 1
🔸Publications: 0
🔸 Citations:
🔸Certifications: 2

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