Sample Recommendation Letters



STRONG recommendation letters are essential for satisfying the requirements of the national interest waiver.
A well-crafted recommendation letter should show evidence of past achievements, emphasize your expertise and the importance of your chosen endeavor to the United States. Your recommenders are busy people and providing a well-crafted draft will help your recommender serve you best.

Got questions about who to ask for recommendation letters? how to write a great draft, or how to follow up on requests for recommendation letters?  Then purchase this package.

Included in this package are:

– 1 sample confirmation letters (in Microsoft Word)

– 13 sample recommendation letters (9 in Microsoft Word, 4 in JPEG)

– 1 sample employment verification letter (in Microsoft Word)

-2 sample reminder letters (in Microsoft Word)

-1 sample request for recommendation letter (in Microsoft Word)

-1 sample request for CV (in Microsoft Word)


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