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37 reviews for EB2-NIW Consultation Call

  1. Damilola

    I had a really amazing session with the consultant. She left me with so much confidence about my application. One major aspect that I really love was the mapping and emphasis on the strengths of my application. The consultant also gave me a clear direction and fantastic insights for drafting my petition letter. Great session indeed and I highly recommend it for EB2-NIW applicants

  2. Precious

    It was really an eye opening session for me and I learnt a lot. She explained why I wasn’t ready for an application and gave me pointers to how I can boost my profile up and be a better candidate for the EB2-NIW.

  3. Regina

    I had a great session with Dr. Ozi. I had many doubts about my readiness to file for EB2-NIW (overthinking that I needed many publications, citations, etc.). In less than 10 minutes, she highlighted 12 reasons why I was a strong candidate for the NIW. She also offered insights into many things I can do to start my NIW application. Dr. Ozi is the best and I recommend her services.

  4. Damilola Matuluko

    I had so much confidence on the call and afterwards. Dr. Ozi was indeed helpful and I believe that there is so much help she will still help with in future. Thanks for your time

  5. Victor Tolulope Adebomi

    It was really an amazing meeting with Ozi who I’ve watched alot on YouTube. She gave me a huge confidence boost and gave me great pointers on what I should be doing towards my application

  6. Blessing

    Dr. Ozi was very insightful and detailed on the steps I needed to ensure I had a great application. I had all these ‘things’ that I had done and had no idea they were achievements, and she made me see just how valuable they were! It was a great session, and I recommend her to anyone looking to get started on this endeavor.

  7. Tomisinn

    The consultation call was awesome! Feeling really confident about applying. Thank you so much for meeting with me.

  8. Caleb Adeoye

    I had an informative and insightful session with Dr. Ozi. She was succinct in her approach and she highlighted things that could cause delay for me in the application process and how to deal with them.

  9. Adeola

    My consultation with Dr. Ozi was one of the best 15 minutes of my life. She booted my confidence and encouraged me to turn in my application. The conversation was very insightful, and I can’t wait to turn in my application and share the good news of my application success later.

  10. Ifeoma

    Dr. Ozi had a good balance of professionalism and a down-to-earth approach to the 15 minutes consultation session I had with her. I am highly confident of the fact that I am a strong candidate for this invaluable benefit. I didn’t know that prior to our meeting. She answered all my questions and gave me a clear timeline which included what I could start doing now to get my application ready within a specific period of time considering my peculiar situation.
    I highly recommend her services!

  11. Fadekemi

    What an insightful and informative session. She was very thorough and detailed with the review. Her recommendations and guidance were apt! I would recommend her anytime and any day.
    She encouraged me to start putting my application early.

  12. Busola

    I had a great and fulfilling session with Dr. Ozi. She has very vast knowledge of the EB2-NIW application process. She helped me strategize on how to go about my application and also offered suggestions on ways I could further improve my application. She is a warm and pleasant lady and took her time listening and talking to us. I look forward to working with her and highly recommend her to anyone considering the EB2-NIW application.

  13. Ibiyinka

    It was an Insightful call for me and I learnt a lot. She took her time explaining what needed to be done by me and also highlighting my strengths. It was a great session in general and I’m more confident about turning in an application in the next months.

  14. Tola

    I had a great session with Dr. Ozi. I was thinking I needed to do more to be ready for my EB2-NIW application, but she highlighted the strengths of my application and gave me the right perspectives with clearer direction on how to go about the process. The session was worth it, and I recommend her services.

  15. Bami

    Dr. Ozi is a great listener, and she knows her stuff. The consultation call was a useful tool in helping me to think deeply about my strengths, previous work and key considerations for a successful application.

  16. Joy

    It was an insightful and amazing session with Dr Ozi. She made me realize my strengths and gave me the push to start this process. I highly recommend that anyone looking for guidance reaches out to her as she has helped a lot of EB2-NIW applicants with this process

  17. Mabel Akinyemi

    Dr Ozi is super knowledgeable about the EB2 NIW application process. I left the consultation session feeling very confident about my fit for the program . She is kind, patient and very detailed. She had so much helpful information packed into one session. I highly recommend Dr Ozi’s services.

  18. Omoyemi

    Before having this consultation call with Dr. Ozi, i was quite skeptical and not quite confident about what the outcome will be like…….i must say, we ended the call on a highly positive note and our discussions indicated i could begin the application process right away…… Thank you for being so down-to-earth and friendly despite been professional…… you deserve a seven-star rating!!

  19. Tolulope Akinkunmi (verified owner)

    You don’t want to miss this opportunity with Dr Ozi. She is good and super knowledgeable about the EB2-NIW process. I can’t wait to turn my documents in

  20. Blessing (verified owner)

    Dr Ozi was so helpful in my session, she was very detailed and gave me the necessary information needed for the next steps. She knows her stuff so well! I highly recommend her services with the EB-2 NIW. Thank you again!

  21. Blessing O (verified owner)

    Dr Ozi’s session was so helpful! She gave me the necessary information needed for the next steps in my application. She is very knowledgeable about the EB-2 NIW. She indeed knows her stuff. She is also very gentle and kind. Thank you for an amazing session!

  22. Juan Carlos Larez

    Just amazing! Whatever you to need to ask about eb2-niw, you will get an asnwer! She is so kind and always ready to help you with your application. if you need information or if you have questions about eb2-niw, dr ozi is the right way.

  23. Abimbola (verified owner)

    I had a great session with Dr. Ozi, she was indeed very helpful , i had many doubts about my qualification,but she highlighted more than 5 reason why i was a strong candidate.i feel confident about applying after my session with her.
    Dr Ozi is the very best and i recommend her service

  24. Abimbola (verified owner)

    My session with Dr. Ozi was awesome she was indeed very helpful , i had many doubts about my qualification,but she highlighted more than 5 reason why i was a strong candidate.i feel confident about applying after my session with her.
    Dr Ozi is the very best and i recommend her service

  25. Marj

    Dr. Ozi is well versed in EB2-NIW. She gave me a very detailed overview of EB2-NIW. We went through my resume and highlighted my strengths. She gave me pointers on how to position myself in my summer internship to utilize the opportunity to strengthen my profile. It was an hour well-spent, very meaningful. Thank you so much.

  26. Moses (verified owner)

    Dr. Ozi is so kind and very knowledgeable on the EB2 visa process! Dr. Ozi has walked the talk! Dr. Ozi shared their own journey on obtaining their EB2 and green card and has successfully petitioned candidates from a VARIETY of disciplines, not only MDs & PhDs. I have been on TN Visa for years now and I am so excited to petition for EB2 with Dr. Ozi’s consultative advice and offerings. *Highly recommend you book your consultation.

  27. carolina hepfner (verified owner)

    very informative, straight forward. down the Earth. I am super confident.

  28. Dami (verified owner)

    I’m enjoyed the session with Dr Ozi, I loved how she explained in a well detailed form. It was very relaxing and I felt confident in myself. I’ll HIGHLY recommend.

  29. Gee (verified owner)

    Dr Ozi is well-detailed and spoke clearly about the requirements and was also honest about the process. The presentation was precise with clear direction on the steps that will help me achieve my goals which gave me confidence on my journey.

    • Myeb2niw.com

      Hello Gee, So glad you found the session helpful! stay in touch and do let us know your progress.

  30. Rosmer Chirino (verified owner)

    Great Experience. She knows perfectly how the process goes.

    • Myeb2niw.com

      Thank you so much for the positive feedback. We know the process of applying for a Green Card through the EB2NIW category can be tasking. Happy to provide help!

  31. Emy (verified owner)

    Dr. Ozi is not only knowledgeable about the EB2 process but she is kind and listens to your case, provides suggestions for supporting documents to strengthen your application and in all, she provides clarity in a chaotic process and mind state. Really grateful to have been recommended to her. I highly recommend booking your appointment asap.

  32. Mo’

    I was completely satisfied with the services received. This is a 5-star rated service.

  33. Abimbola A (verified owner)

    It was really nice working with Dr ozi, she wrote a well detailed petition letter for me and she is very knowledgeable about the whole application process, and she listen carefully and always available to answer your questions during the process, she is responsive, Detailed, polite, understanding and accommodating and she is very resourceful and would give anyone the best
    I highly recommend Dr Ozi

  34. Tari (verified owner)

    I had an incredible session with Dr. Ozi. I went into the meeting anxious, not knowing if I would have a strong enough petition. She not only validated my experience and background but also broke down the entire process so I now feel more comfortable and confident in my application. Don’t overthink it, book the session!

  35. Teekay (verified owner)

    WOW! it was a wonderful session altogether. My chat with Dr. Ozi was like chatting with a friend/sister. Even if I had any doubt about this process, my chat with her gave me ease and confident that I can do this. Letting me know my strength was all I needed because truth be told, I wasn’t sure if i can do it. Thank you Dr. Ozi.

  36. Samuel Enwenede (verified owner)

    Definitely a 5 star consultation session. Dr Ozi took her time to ask the right questions and listen to me in order to tease out the key details required to assess if I met the requirements for the EB2-NIW visa. Her knowledge of the visa and the application process is exceptional. I would definitely recommend her to support your EB2-NIW application.

  37. Ola (verified owner)

    I started working on my application some months ago before a friend told me about Dr. Ozi. I reached out to her and got a consultation. The consultation was all I needed. She advised on where to work to make the application stronger. Trust me, her work is worth spending that extra cash on.

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