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🥳 Today, we’re beyond thrilled to share an incredible success story – Our client’s I-140 application for EB2NIW has triumphantly crossed the finish line! 🏁🎉

🔍 Spotlight on Excellence: We’re celebrating a gifted Urban Planning and Construction maestro. With a stellar nine-year trajectory, our client has seamlessly navigated roles from entrepreneur to urban planner, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. His accomplishments? Nothing short of awe-inspiring! From prestigious awards like the Honorary Merit Award for Flood Control to the Employee of the Year honor, his journey is a testament to relentless pursuit and unwavering dedication.

🌟👏 Celebrate with us as we applaud this extraordinary professional whose story is not just about achieving a goal but about redefining excellence. Here’s to breakthroughs that inspire!

Processing Type Premium Processing
Priority Date December 5, 2023
I-140 Approved December 12, 2023
Immigration Status F2
Degrees Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning, Bachelor of Technology (Hons.), Urban and Regional Planning.
Proposed Endeavour To harness his deep-rooted knowledge in urban planning to revolutionize flood management in the U.S., armed with groundbreaking GIS technology.
Work Experience Years of experience as an entrepreneur and urban planner
Articles Published articles spotlighting his critical mission
Achievement – 4 Major Presentations Conferences and Workshop Attended
– 2 prestigious awards/ Recognitions.
– 13 notable certifications.
– Evidence of Work Experience
– 7 glowing recommendations from esteemed professionals.
– Membership in 3 Professional Associations

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