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We’re toasting to a remarkable journey of resilience and success! 🥂 Despite encountering hurdles along her path, our client emerged victorious, transforming initial setbacks into a tale of achievement. Her first attempt at the EB2NIW was met with denial, despite legal guidance. Undeterred, she persevered, came to us and we crafted her petition letter. After facing an RFE, she has now triumphantly secured her I-140 approval!

Meet our Star Client: A titan in the IT realm, with a forte in cybersecurity and risk management. Her prowess with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and as a pivotal figure in Risk Management Framework (RMF) is commendable. Her skill set encompasses devising robust security measures, meticulous documentation, and conducting in-depth risk evaluations, all aimed at exceeding customer expectations through detailed analysis and effective problem-solving. Her academic and professional journey is adorned with notable roles in esteemed organizations, contributing significantly to information security, control effectiveness, and compliance adherence. Her unwavering commitment to quality and strategic enhancement underscores her dedication to operational excellence and cost-efficiency.

The Path to Approval:
✨ Priority date: November 15, 2023
✨ RFE Issued: November 24, 2023
✨ RFE Response Deadline: February 22, 2024
✨ I-140 Approved: March 6, 2024

Here’s to breaking barriers and setting benchmarks! 🌠 Join us in celebrating this monumental success.

Processing Type Premium Processing
Priority Date November 15, 2023
I-140 Approved  March 6, 2024
Immigration Status F-1 Visa
Degrees B.Sc in Economics with honors & MBA in Management Information System
Proposed Endeavour Combating cyber threats within legal sectors
Work Experience Years of experience in the IT field
Articles Articles Supporting the need for her proposed endeavor

Her profile boasted
🔸 Holder of 6 distinguished licenses and certifications
🔸 Contributor to 3 groundbreaking research initiatives
🔸 Active participant in 2 leading professional societies
🔸 Architect of a visionary Business plan

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