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Thrilled to highlight the journey of an exceptional individual and the elements that have truly made his application stand out! 🌟✨

-[ ] I-485 submitted Feb 24, 2023
-[ ] RFE Sent May 30 2023 ( Turned out to be an Error)
-[ ] Interview November 9 2023
-[ ] I-485 Approved: January 2, 2024
-[ ] Green Card Received: January 9, 2024

Together, he’s driving towards a brighter, more efficient future in the Oil & Gas sector!

Processing Type Premium Processing
Priority Date August 18, 2022
I-140 Approved January 19, 2023
Immigration Status Asylum Pending
Degrees Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
Proposed Endeavour Process Optimization in the Oil and Gas sector
Work Experience Years of experience in the Oil&Gas sector
Innovative Solutions He pioneered new methods in Oil & Gas process optimization, significantly enhancing efficiency and profitability.
Achievement His profile boasted
🔸Impactful projects in leading oil & gas nations
🔸Recommendations from top experts
🔸Advanced degrees and certifications
🔸A proud member of esteemed engineering bodies.

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