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Case approved in 2 months, 19 days without premium processing.

Field: Business

We helped the petitioner put his petition and business plan together

Processing TypePremium Processing
1-140 RecievedNovember 1, 2022
I-140 ApprovedJanuary 20 2023
Immigration StatusE2 Visa
Degrees MSc in international business and an MBA
Proposed Endeavour To utilize his skills and expertise as a successful businessman and entrepreneur to positively impact the automobile industry in the United States.
He owns a logistics business and an auto repair store that employs US citizens
Work ExperienceSerial entrepreneur with a history of at least 3 businesses
Recommendation letters1-140 Received
ArticlesArticles Supporting the need for his proposed endeavor
Achievement🔹 Member of 1 professional society
🔹evidence of mentoring others
🔹Awards: 5
🔹had judged the work of others and been on a panel discussion for business
🔹submitted Evidence of business ownership – purchase agreement, ownership docs, and value of the business. Also showed evidence of funding by US organization
🔹Certifications: 1

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